Meet New Lesbian Barbie

Barbie Global announced that they are coming out with a new doll. This amazing Barbie was created to celebrate the career of famous lesbian soccer star, Abby Wambach.

She retired from her sport this year after 14 years on the U.S. women’s national soccer team. During her tenure on the team, she won two Olympic gold medals as well and the 2015 Women’s World Cup. She has been honored with the title of US Soccer Athlete of the Year six times.

Wambach married her longtime partner, Sarah Huffman, in 2013.

Barbie Global explained their selection by stating: “Makers and Barbie are really thrilled to honour a woman who’s redefined what’s possible through her own effort, her bravery, and her accomplishment. I want you to meet the Abby Wambach doll. This doll will inspire young girls to be as incredible as the woman who has inspired us all.”

In response, Wambach said: “I know about playing with Barbies who may or may not have looked like I felt – and I feel like this is a really impactful statement. It just proves we really are getting somewhere. Not everyone is treated equal: if you are out there and your doll doesn’t look exactly like you, here’s another option! Her hair’s even shaved! All the cool kids are going to want this.”

The soccer star went on to post an excited message on Instagram: “Nothing quite like getting your own @Barbie doll!! Legit I am honored.”

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Meet New Lesbian Barbie
Article Name
Meet New Lesbian Barbie
Barbie Global is releasing a new doll inspired by the gay soccer star, Abby Wambach.