Miley Cyrus Launches The InstaPride Campaign Celebrating Transgender Youths

Singer and philanthropist Miley Cyrus has partnered with the social networking website Instagram to launch the #InstaPride campaign, celebrating transgender and “gender expansive” individuals.

The InstaPride campaign launched on Monday and features stories from young transgender people, detailing their transition and challenges they have faced.

The campaign with started with Leo Sheng: “The most obvious theme of my page is my transition from female to male,” Sheng wrote in an Instagram blog post. “For me, a picture really does say a thousand words.”

“I used to be afraid to share photos that I took, let alone pictures of myself from any period of my life,” Sheng wrote.

“But, I’ve learned how powerful sharing can be whether it’s your story or just something that means a lot to you. My photos mean a lot to me — all of them. I share them without apologies. I love to see how far I’ve come and what I’ve accomplished. If there’s anything that the last few years have taught me, it’s that living an unapologetic existence is the most freeing thing you can do.”


Sheng noted the photoshoot was run and shot by Cyrus and she provided Leo space to detail his experiences with his own self-image.

“I’m launching InstaPride today, in partnership with Instagram, to share stories of transgender and gender expansive people from around the country,” wrote Miley Cyrus on an Instagram post.

“Over the next 2 weeks, you’ll meet them and the people in their lives who support them, as we highlight their stories of resilience.”

Miley Cyrus recently revealed her mother found it difficult to accept that she was interested in women. Her Happy Hippie Foundation aims supports homeless LGBT; and Cyrus had visited a homeless centre for LGBT youths in the heart of Los Angeles earlier this year.

Via RollingStone