Misterbnb Takes Gay Travel By Storm

Misterbnb has become the Airbnb for the gay community, allowing gay men to travel safely and rent accommodations wherever they go without worrying about who is hosting them.

Misterbnb is the brainchild of Matthieu Jost. Jost and his partner rented a room in Barcelona several years ago. Unfortunately, when they arrived, and the host realized that they were gay, they came to the unfortunate realization that the host was uncomfortable with them. They had to shorten their trip and returned home quickly. Using this experience as inspiration, Jost launched Misterbnb in 2013, which connects gay men with safe and welcome homestays.

In just two years, Misterbnb has become the world’s largest gay hotelier with 130 countries and approximately 33,500 hosts on board. “Our company is gay and our hosts are gay-friendly. We are the only website that can guarantee that,” said Jost.

Radoslav Soth, a Czech national and user of Misterbnb, says that he just didn’t feel comfortable using non-LGBT focused travel websites. “The fact that I rarely could talk or ask about anything related to the gay scene didn’t made my visits very enjoyable, and for all these reasons I left the ‘mainstream’ traveling or renting websites for Misterbnb. The firsthand advice or tips from locals on parties, bars, and other events are much more valuable than any printed or online gay tourist guide one can find.”

Soth adds: “I find the best part about hosting is making new international friends, multiplying contacts abroad, as well as the feeling of helping other people to get the best experience as a gay visitor in another city.”

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Misterbnb Takes Gay Travel By Storm
Article Name
Misterbnb Takes Gay Travel By Storm
Misterbnb is the safe homestay solution for gay men who enjoy traveling.