Morocco’s Ministry of Health Recommends Decriminalising Homosexuality

A study by Morocco’s Ministry of Health has recommended the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the country.

The study was conducted by both the ALSC and the United Nation’s Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS) on behalf of the Ministry of Health back in 2013. The study comprised of 687 men who had same-sex relationships within the previous six months.

The findings of the study indicate that cases of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV are growing within the gay community, and 56 percent of those surveyed admitted they did not use protection during sex, despite having multiple sex partners.

The report, which was released on 8 June calls for Morocco to end the stigma of homosexuality and make same-sex relations legal. These set of recommendations have also been backed by the Mister of Health El Houssaine Louardi.

Morocco expelled two members of Femen, after the French women kissed topless in front of an ancient mosque.

Currently gay men in Morocco face up to three years in prison if convicted.