Most Women Happy to be Female in 2016, Poll Suggests

A new poll suggests that almost nine out of ten women would rather be a woman than a man today, compared with just half back in 1947, according to a poll by BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour.

Women’s Hour conducted this poll in honour of their 70th anniversary, and it also suggests that women are more positive about marriage than before.

Roughly 42% of women polled, or two in five, said that men and women gave up equal amounts of freedom in marriage. This is a nice increase in comparison to 1951, where only a quarter of men and women polled felt that way.

The poll asked 1,004 women of all ages and looked at their lives and changing attitudes, covering marriage, money, sex, family, work and appearance. They found some interesting results.

Firstly, today’s women would be more likely to marry the same person again if they could do their time over, in comparison to women in the 1940s. Roughly 87% of women said that they would remain with their husbands, in comparison to 77% in the 1940s.

However, the Women’s Hour poll found that one in ten women would marry someone else.

As mentioned, the study also looked at employment, and the poll found that women of all ages are more likely to work now than in 1951. 60% of women are in employment now, compared to 31% 65 years ago.

The difference is even more staggering if you look at older women, as 62% of 55-64-year-olds are working in comparison to 22% in 1951. The poll didn’t stop there, it also asked the pollees why they chose to work, and more than half of 18-64-year-olds said the top reason was self respect, followed by money, and then by colleagues.

Women older than that chose money as the top reason. Speaking of money, 28% of 25 to 34-year-olds said that money problems were their most pressing issues.

The poll also looked at appearance, and how that mattered to modern women. Unsurprisingly, 37% of 18-24-year-olds said the negative word they would least like to be associated with was fat. According to respondents, this is worse than being called “stupid” or “boring”.

However, across all women polled, 42% of them would least like to be called “stupid”.

The poll also examined the likelyhood of having a family, which is a rising topic of discussion. You have undoubtedly noticed online and perhaps among friends, that the amount of men and women remaining childfree is rising.

The poll found that women who earned £40,000 plus were 8% more likely than the lower earners (under £20,000) to think that having no children was ideal. More graduates also said that no children was a preference, around 10%, in comparison to 4% of non-graduates. This was also reflected in full time employees (8%) vs part-timers (2%).

However, 56% of women polled said that two children was the perfect size for their family.

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Most Women Happy to be Female in 2016, Poll Suggests
Article Name
Most Women Happy to be Female in 2016, Poll Suggests
Most women are happy to be female in 2016, according to a new poll.