Mother Pulls Children From School After It Introduced Transgender Awareness Program

Reportedly, a mother has pulled her children from a school after they introduced a program designed to promote transgender awareness. She also apparently accused the program of “brainwashing” students.

This occurred in an Australian school about 40 miles outside of Melbourne, after Cella White’s son was told in science lessons that he could wear a dress to school and also call transgender students by their preferred pronoun.

The program that has caused the issue has been run by the Safe Schools Coalition since 2010, and is simply meant to create school environments that are both safe and inclusive for LGBT students.

Ms. White spoke about this to the Herald Sun, saying: “This isn’t about safe schools, it’s transgenderism and gay activism bought into the classroom. It could be a year 12 student of the opposite-born sex in the bathroom with my year 7 daughter who is blind.”

She has also made claims that she is not the only parent unhappy with the inclusiveness being promoted, but sadly could not provide anything to back up this claim. Ms. White also went on to say that she wanted other parents to be warned about “what their children are being taught”.

She went on: “It’s being presented as an anti-bullying program but the education department said it’s a sexual diversity program.”

James Merlino, who is a spokesperson for Minister for Education, pointed out that the program is meant to promote inclusion, safety and understanding within the school.

He was also quick to refute the claims of brainwashing and indoctrination made by Ms. White when speaking to the Daily Mail Australia: “Claims that the program is about brainwashing or indoctrination are just wrong. Discrimination, harassment and bullying have no place in Victorian schools, and it is up to all of us to establish safe and inclusive learning environments for every one of our students.”

“We are proud of the work the Safe Schools Coalition is doing to make all Victorian students feel supported. Labor made an election commitment to bring this important program to every Victorian government school and we are happy to honour that promise.”

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Article Name
Mother Pulls Children From School After It Introduced Transgender Awareness Program
A child was pulled from school after his mother found out about the school's transgender awareness program.