Mugabe Shocks UN: “We Are Not Gays”

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe made some rather shocking comments to the UN General Assembly on Monday. He announced to the UN that he and his countrymen “are not gays”.

The world leaders present at the meeting included US President Barack Obama, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Mugabe said: “Respecting and upholding human rights is the obligation of all states and is enshrined in the United Nations charter. Nowhere does the charter abrogate the right of some to sit in judgment over others. In that regard, we reject the politicization of this important issue and the application of double standards to victimize those who dare think and act independently of the self-anointed prefects of our time.”

“We equally reject attempts to prescribe ‘new rights’ that are contrary to our values, norms, traditions, and beliefs. We are not gays. Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification and double-standards will not.”

The reaction to his comments were a mixture of shocked gasps, laughter and some applause. You can watch his comments in a video below.

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Mugabe Shocks UN:
Article Name
Mugabe Shocks UN:
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe made some shocking comments to the UN, saying he and his countrymen are "not gays".