Mumford & Sons to Boycott Bravalla Festival After Sexual Assaults

You may have heard about the horrifying reports coming out of Bravalla festival in Sweden, where 17 women were sexually assaulted.

12 of these 17 were sexual assaults, with the remaining five being reported to police as rape.

Mumford and Sons, who previously donated their North Carolina concert profits to an LGBT group, had this to say on Facebook: “We’re appalled to hear what happened. Festivals are a celebration of music and people, a place to let go and feel safe doing so. We’re gutted by these hideous reports.”

“We won’t play at this festival again until we’ve had assurances from the police and organisers that they’re doing something to combat what appears to be a disgustingly high rate of reported sexual violence.”

The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven described the attacks as “totally unacceptable” and promised that sexual assault laws will be tightened.

“In addition, it is also important that we continue to make sure the police, prosecutors and other authorities get better at investigating these crimes so that we make sure we actually convict the perpetrators.”

Attacks also took place at Sweden’s Putte I Parken festival, and according to the Associated Press, 32 reports of “attacks by boys or young men” against female attendees took place, which the youngest victim being as young as 12.

Article Name
Mumford & Sons to Boycott Bravalla Festival After Sexual Assaults
Mumford & Sons will boycott Bravalla Festival in Sweden after the rash of sexual assaults at the event.