Museum to Preserve History of Pulse Massacre

Many lives were snuffed out at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, but the memories of those killed during the massacre will always have a place in history.

This is thanks to the Orange County Regional History Center, who have collected roughly 3,500 items connected to the Orlando tragedy. According to the Orlando Sentinel, employees working for the center visited the Pulse memorial to save what was left.

The curator Pam Schwartz spoke to the newspaper, saying: “It’s obviously a historical event, but the community’s response has been so immense that it’s really its own event.”

So far, they have collected stuffed animals, notes and drawings, blessed prayer beads, a rainbow-painted flamingo, and a copy of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. They were also allowed to have the bathroom door from Pulse, which is riddled with bullet holes.

They also gathered items from other memorials, including the park near Orlando Regional Medical Center, the lawn of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, as well as Lake Eola Park.

Michael Perkins, manager of the centre’s museum,also spoke to the Sentinel: “This touched thousands of lives. We are trying to preserve it for generations.”

It has yet to be decided what will be done with the collection, but some of the items may be used in the upcoming Pride, Prejudice & Protest: LGBT History of Greater Orlando exhibit.

While this exhibit was organised before the shooting took place, the memorial items from the Pulse shooting would be a very relevant inclusion.

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Museum to Preserve History of Pulse Massacre
Article Name
Museum to Preserve History of Pulse Massacre
A museum will preserve the history of Pulse massacre in Orlando.