Natalie Dormer on Playing Margaery & Season 6 Finale

If you haven’t already, check out the review of the Game of Thrones season six finale, Winds of Winter. Before I go any further: expect spoilers in this interview. You have been warned.

Recently, Natalie Dormer sat down with HBO to discuss playing the ever interesting Margaery Tyrell, and her feelings on the finale.


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HBO: Was there any storyline that you were not expecting?

Natalie Dormer: I’m just so relieved that we finally got Jon Snow’s maternity out, because I’ve had that theory for a long time. Sophie [Turner, who plays Sansa Stark] and I were close for a number of years, and I love watching her complex, dramatic growth as Sansa becomes this woman who can play the game herself. When the Knights of the Vale rode over that hill in Episode 9, I was whooping and jumping up and down on the sofa. Also, Rory McCann is a great guy, so the Hound coming back was such a joy to see.

HBO: What was the most challenging aspect of playing Margaery?

Natalie Dormer: Trying to play a character so finely-nuanced that people believe you can be a good person who is also politically savvy. It’s easier to play a nihilistic person or a baddie; you have to get your hands dirty and have real talent, as Jack Gleeson [Joffrey Baratheon] proved, but it’s a simpler task to play a straight psychopath. The thing I wanted to communicate with Margaery is that good people can, hopefully, be in positions of power. I think that’s quite pertinent. I’ve tried to make her a plausibly real, sensitive, good human being with the skills of a good leader.

HBO: Are you satisfied with how her story ended?

Natalie Dormer: I give [series creators] Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff] a lot of credit for the choices they made. They had to tie a lot of things up and move the whole King’s Landing story forward, and obviously the whole religious coup was such a complex thing to grapple with. I loved that Margaery’s demise was not at Cersei’s hand, but at the hand of someone else underestimating Cersei when Margaery wasn’t in a position to wield the power herself. That feels right, because Margaery’s done such a good job over the years of keeping up with Cersei. They’re pretty well-balanced.

HBO: What do you think about the terrible irony that she knew something was wrong right before the explosion?

Natalie Dormer: That’s the beauty of what Dan and David wrote. They gave her the privileged position of being the only person to realize what’s happening, a moment of vindication that just summed up her personality. She was always a couple of steps ahead of everyone else, even to her last moment. I’m very grateful, because Margaery Tyrell was never a victim – even in her last moment they allowed her to not be. It’s also very poignant that she’s standing there holding Loras, because her love and her closeness with her sibling has always been in the background. For Finn [Jones, who plays Loras] and I to go out together, literally holding on to each other, was a beautiful moment.

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Natalie Dormer on Playing Margaery & Season 6 Finale
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Natalie Dormer on Playing Margaery & Season 6 Finale
Natalie Dormer talks on playing Margaery Tyrell and the Game of Thrones season six finale.