Natasha Lyonne Talks Orange is the New Black & More

Natasha Lyonne is probably one of the people fans of Orange is the New Black are hoping will return for the brand new season in June. Sadly, while Natasha didn’t touch on this, she did speak on what it’s like to be on the hit show.

Both she and Chloe Sevigny spoke on this at Sundance Film Festival, where they touched on their various project – including OITNB and American Horror Story.

Chloe began by speaking on Asylum, her first season in American Horror Story: “There’s so much frenzy and attention over it. It hit such a zeitgeist. Old friends of mine on Facebook that are true weirdos loved it. I feel like there’s a true weirdo audience across America that somehow are so seduced by that show.”

Natasha weighed in, comparing FX’s hit to Netflix’s, saying: “They both have rabid fan bases that are really obsessive in kind of a fun way for us that I don’t know that we’ve had so much of. We probably have had it in that, weirdly, our other experiences are sort of cult in nature. Those fans tend to also be really personal, that’s a better way of putting it than ‘rabid.’ It becomes really personal.”

“What’s interesting about [Orange Is the New Black and American Horror Story] in particular, is it feels almost like that personal and cultish, but on this huge scale. It’s an interesting experience of a similar fan, but way more widespread.”

“The irony with Orange Is the New Black, is that people spend a full 11 months and 29 days compulsively obsessing about ‘When is it coming out? What’s happening?'” she said. “And then, within one day, 13 hours, they consume the entire thing, and then it’s just boom! Right back to, like, ‘I have more questions! Next season, I wanna know.'”

She’s right on the money there! While I myself won’t binge watch it in a day (although I do go through it easily in a weekend), the fact that Netflix releases the whole season at once does mean there’s very little time where fans aren’t speculating on what will happen next season.

Season four of Orange is the New Black is on Netflix on June 17.

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Natasha Lyonne Talks Orange is the New Black & More
Article Name
Natasha Lyonne Talks Orange is the New Black & More
Natasha Lyonne spoke on Orange is the New Black, and other things, in a recent interview at Sundance.