Nearly Half Of Stockholm Pride Attendees Are Straight, Says Poll

According to information from a recent poll, nearly half of the attendees to Stockholm’s Pride event last year were straight.

The poll found that six in ten of the attendees were female, with four in ten being straight, and oddly – one in three had joined in spontaneously .

These results were published on July 27, just ahead of this year’s Pride event which is currently on and running until August 1. The main parade on Saturday is expected to get a gathering of 40,000 people.

I’m sure some of you are wondering about the sample size for this survey, and researchers at the University of Gothenburg handed out 810 questionnaires, and had a response rate of 29%. However, it is part of a larger comparative study of Pride Parades in the EU, including places such as Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and the Czech Republic.

According to researcher Mattias Wahlström, the 43% straight figure really stood out, especially when compared to London Pride’s 16%.


Mattias said that this partly down to the “signals sent out by the organizer, and that LGBT issues are deeply rooted in the population as a whole.”