New App Makes LGBT Travel Easier and Safer

A new app has launched claiming it will change “the face of LGBT travel.”  While it appears to still be in its infancy, Wimbify offers the LGBT community a way to connect travel companions and helps promote hosting and connections for accommodations and shared transportation.

The company explains that it is not a LGBT dating app, but instead a way to host other travelers in a safe and secure manner.  Wimbify is fundamentally an online LGBT cultural exchange program that helps users connect with travel companions, stay at LGBT friendly locations (often for free), discover the local LGBT scene via a local LGBT guide, and share rides from the airport to a destination or even around a city.

Wimbify recently told Huffington Post: “When you choose to spend your holiday in an apartment rented online, the risks are right around the corner…For an LGBT traveler, these risks increase. [What] if the person who is hosting doesn’t like the idea of an LGBT person in their house, or even an LGBT couple or family?  Besides avoiding feelings of unease or discrimination, being hosted by an LGBT or LGBT-friendly host makes it easier to socialize and (gain) knowledge of the local LGBT community, especially in destinations where gay life is often lived underground and it’s difficult to find information and to find yourself safe.”

The app does not yet appear to have enough users to allow one to read first person reviews; however, the idea is promising and if the Wimbify app takes off, it could open up so many new options for the LGBT traveler.

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New App Makes LGBT Travel Easier and Safer
Article Name
New App Makes LGBT Travel Easier and Safer
A new app called Wimbify aims to support LGBT travel by offering ways to connect to LGBT friendly accommodations and transportation.