New Drama When We Rise Brings LGBT History to Life

The upcoming drama When We Rise could not have come at a better time. Following the most divisive US election in our memory and a lot of public squabbling over the rights of the LGBT community, comes a drama from Dustin Lance Black that focuses on LGBT history.

The series will be airing in February, and charts the rise of the LGBT movement in the United States from the infamous Stonewall riots to the work of lesbian activists The Lavender Menace. Of course, from those early beginnings it will also progress to the achievement of marriage equality in the US.

It will star some pretty heavy hitters, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Guy Pearce and Rosie O’Donnell. Oscar winning Dustin Lance Black will be handling the screenplay, with Gus Van Sant in the director’s chair.

Those of you with good memories will recall that this is the same team that brought us the Harvey Milk biopic Milk.

This series has been in production for quite some time, but after three and a half years of hard work, it’s finally ready to show. When speaking on the show, Dustin said: “Finally! #WhenWeRise is done! And after nearly a full year away I am flying home to be with the love of my life… and to sleep for a week.”

Take a look at a preview of When We Rise below, which will be airing on ABC in February.

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New Drama When We Rise Brings LGBT History to Life
Article Name
New Drama When We Rise Brings LGBT History to Life
The new drama When We Rise will be bringing LGBT history to life, thanks to Dustin Lance Black.