New Film About Trans Youth Gets PG-13 Rating Instead Of R

As you may have heard, the upcoming film 3 Generations was going to be rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA); however, The Weinstein Company (TWC) and the MPAA have revisited the film’s rating and have agreed upon a new rating of PG-13.  This updated rating comes after TWC and GLAAD protested the original R rating.

The film stars Elle Fanning who struggles as a teenager who is beginning the gender transition process and must get parental consent.  Naomi Watts plays the teen’s mother and Susan Sarandon plays the role of grandmother.  Had the film been rated R, no one younger than 17 years old would have been allowed to see it without parental supervision.  However, TWC purportedly made certain cuts, including profanity and sexual references, to the movie and it will now be rated PG-13 to ensure it reaches a broader audience.

TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein explained:

“It’s organizations such as GLAAD, the ones that don’t shy away from the difficult conversations, that are the reason we are able to move this country forward and really shift the cultural conversations. I spoke with Joan Graves at MPAA extensively on this and I am thrilled that we came to a solution that maintains the integrity of this crucial film while making it accessible to its intended audience.”

And GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis added:

“3 Generations is a film that all families should be able to see….When audiences around the world meet transgender teen Ray and see the love that his family shows him, it will not only send a powerful message to LGBTQ youth, but to families of all types. The MPAA made the right decision and once again The Weinstein Company dared to tell culture-changing LGBTQ stories that Hollywood too often shies away from.”

Ellis told Variety that an R rating implied that somehow being transgender is not something appropriate for children.  She told Variety:

“It creates an unnecessary hurdle for transgender youth who want to see the film, and a character that they can finally connect with. The MPAA’s antiquated decision follows a tired narrative that LGBTQ topics are solely adult in nature — when nothing could be further from the truth.”

MPAA spokesman Chris Ortman further explained the rating process and reaching an agreement on 3 Generations’ rating:

“This film has gone through all of the regular procedures outlined in CARA’s Rules. While we cannot discuss the process for a particular film due to a confidentiality agreement, we can confirm that TWC has accepted the PG-13 rating for the last version of 3 Generations screened by CARA… While we regularly meet with a wide range of organizations to discuss the rating system, no outside groups have any influence on the rating process. Each film is rated by a team of raters, who are themselves parents, in order to serve CARA’s purpose of providing information to parents about viewing choices for their children.”

The movie won’t get a wide release until May 12th, but will be in theaters in New York and Los Angeles as early as May 5th.

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