New Film Infects Donald Trump With HIV

We all know that Sacha Baron Cohen does not shy away from creating controversy. The self-admittedly 23% gay actor has a new film coming out called The Brothers Grimsby that continues to stir the pot.

Although the film was previously reported to have a scene in which Danielle Radcliffe gave the Queen HIV, the controversial scene was rewritten to make it even more salacious with Danielle Radcliffe now infecting presidential candidate Donald Trump with the virus.

At the movie’s premiere, the scene earned an eruption of applause and cheer from the audience. One movie goer said the “whole cinema clapped when Donald Trump got given AIDS.”

Of course, Trump himself was not involved in the movie in any way. Body doubles and look alikes were used as well as special effects. There is even a disclaimer in the film stating that neither Daniel Radcliffe nor Donald Trump really have HIV.

This storyline in the movie upset Sony execs and caused a rift between the corporation and Sacha Baron Cohen.

“Sony had made its displeasure clear and pushed to remove the scene, but Baron Cohen… has final authority over the film”.

“Studio executives are nervous about angering the famously vengeful and litigious Trump, compounded by the possibility of getting on the wrong side of the possible next president.”

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New Film Infects Donald Trump With HIV
Article Name
New Film Infects Donald Trump With HIV
Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, The Brother Grimsby, shows Donald Trump contracting the HIV virus.