New Gay Drama and Follow Up to Queer As Folk!

Cucumber Cucumber

Cucumber: Channel 4’s New Gay Drama and Follow Up to Queer As Folk?

Channel 4’s Queer As Folk was a ground-breaking piece of television when it first aired in 1999. Now 15 years later the broadcaster has once again joined forces with series creator Russell T Davies to develop another gay series supposedly so intense and risqué that there is an incredibly small possibility of it ever being approved by any of the major American TV networks.

Channel 4 has always been known for its positive portrayal of gay life and culture, not least of all with Gay Mountain, the trailer for its coverage of the controversial Winter Olympics in Sochi which criticised Russia’s homophobic laws.

Cucumber is said to be an incredible display of beauty, comedy, and even warm romance which delves into the deep and dark secrets of its cast’s sex lives, regardless of whether they are gay or straight.The show promises not to shy away from taboo subjects, and, although many viewers may not accept the show right away, the questions it raises are all answered in an intelligent and intriguing manner.

It’s inevitable that people have been wondering whether Cucumber will just be a modern-day remake of Queer As Folk, but it is anything but. In contrast to Queer As Folk, which focussed on younger gay men, Cucumber looks at the lives of a wide variety of gay characters of differing ages.

For example, Henry (played by actor Vincent Franklin) is a 46-year-old gay man who is going through the drama and stress of a breakup, with a younger gay man as his primary desire.There have been some episode leaks on line, and Channel 4 has released a few spoilers for the series which will air in 2015. What seems certain is that the show will be an interesting watch with storylines that are unexpected, hilarious and breathtaking all at the same time.

If you’re looking for a controversial yet heart-warming story to watch then Cucumber might be the one for you next year.Cucumber will be broadcast on Channel 4 next year.