New life in experts' hands

The Quirón Hospital Group is one of the leaders in assisted reproduction with over 20 years' experience in providing a top-level and state-of-the-art service

Our motto, "In Experts' Hands", sums up the history of the Quirón Hospital Group, more than 50 years of continuous renewal and development to attend to the needs of our patients, offering the most highly qualified doctors, the latest technology, and welcoming, personalised and discrete care.

Quirón Hospital Group has successfully employed the most advanced techniques in assisted reproduction for more than 20 years through pioneer teams in this specialty. Our patients benefit from a top-level professional team, comprehensive treatment units in a hospital setting, state-of-the-art technology, and the best facilities to accompany them in their most important project: a new life.

United under the umbrella assisted reproduction Quirón, we have specialised units in A Coruña, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, San Sebastián, Torrevieja, Valencia and Zaragoza, as well as four specialised assisted reproduction centers in Pamplona, Torrent, Murcia and Bilbao, which offer comprehensive care and operate under quality standards and strict protocols of the most prestigious hospital name in our country: Quirón Hospital Group.

Patient care is the primary concern of our centres and is what drives us to improve day by day. Our mission is the wellbeing of our patients and all our efforts are directed toward this goal. The most advanced technology, the vocation of our medical professionals, embryologists, biologists, geneticists, psychaologists, auxiliary and nursing staff and the facilities designed by and for the patient are, in short, what makes it possible for our patients to benefit from excellent quality care in the most comfortable of surroundings.

We know how important parenthood is in the life of many people and how traumatic fertility problems can be, which is why, as well as evaluating and treating the physiological aspects of sterility, here in Quirón we also pay special attention to the emotional implications of the problem and look after the overall wellbeing of our patients.

Most of the Quirón hospitals have an assisted reproduction unit, all of which are made up of multidisciplinary teams of specialists in gynaecology, biology, embryology, endocrinology, genetics, urology, psychology, imaging diagnostics, etc. One of the greatest assets of the Quirón assisted reproduction units is the interaction between our units and other specialists. The work of the whole team is coordinated in each centre to offer the very best service in each area.

One of the main synergistic effects of locating all the assisted reproduction units within the hospital is the interaction with other departments, such as the oncology department. Cancer patients, including female patients of childbearing age who are about to undergo radiation therapy or chemotherapy, have the possibility of freezing their gametes (spermatozoids or eggs), or cryopreserving their oocytes using the novel vitrification process, offering them the chance of motherhood in the future.

To improve the care we can offer, Quirón assisted reproduction units make a real effort to implement criteria for continuous improvement in the techniques employed and this places us as forerunners in the field of assisted reproduction.

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