New Nissan Sentra Commercial With Same Sex Families

A new Nissan Sentra commercial in Israel is getting a lot of buzz for representing same-sex parents and alternative families.

A young girl starts off the ad by speaking to the camera. “Who’s to say what a family is?” she asks at one point. “Why not two mommies? Or two daddies?”

The ad shows a variety of families—same sex and interracial, while the girl. “A family is when you live together and love each other. The rest doesn’t matter, as long as you put your family in the center.” Center is word play on similar sounding, Sentra. At this point another voices says: “Put your family in the Sentra.”

It’s really a wonderful ad by Nissan, but some religious groups are protesting it, such as the Orthodox Hotam Forum. The forum wrote a post stating: “Hello Nissan, it looks like you are a little confused and need to recalculate your route. There is only one kind of family: a mother, a father, with shared children. That’s what a normal family looks like. That’s what a Jewish family looks like … you can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to reality.”

Fortunately, however, the backlash has been minimal and most people are expressing tons of support for the commercial, which can be seen below:

Gay marriage is not legal in Israel, but same sex marriages performed outside of the country are accepted within Israel.

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