New NY Bills Passed to Protect LGBT Community

New York has added protections via a bill for transgender people, granting protections from discrimination based on gender identity and expression. The new bill also bans conversion therapy for minors, a method of therapy that has been rebuked by a large amount of psychological organizations.

The new addendum and bill were able to pass due to a shift in power after the November election, where the 10 year Republican majority was lost. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed them into law on January 25th. Cuomo stated his displeasure with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow the Trump administration’s military transgender ban to stand. These protections could save lives, according to Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, and they’ve been worked on for over a decade in the state of New York.

If these laws can’t be passed at the federal level, it’s a move in the right direction for states to take it upon themselves to help fight discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. There is strong evidence provided by government organizations that demonstrate the need for these laws protecting people in the LGBT community. According to a study done in 2017 by the CDC, almost 2% of High School students identify as Transgender. The study also found that those students that identified as transgender were more prone to be victims of violence and reported a higher risk of suicide.

Link to the CDC Study: