New Surgery Could Let Trans Women Give Birth Within 5 Years

A revolutionary new surgery could allow transgender woman to give birth within five years.

Cleveland Clinic announced last week that they were performing uterus transplant surgery on women who were born without a womb or whose uterus is not working as it should. And now, it appears that the day when transgender women can give birth is closer than you might imagine.

Dr. Karine Chung, director of the fertility preservation program at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine said to Yahoo Health: “My guess is five, 10 years away, maybe sooner.”

Dr Christine McGinn, who is a trans plastic surgeon, said she would bet “just about every transgender person who is female will want to do it, if it were covered by insurance. The human drive to be a mother for a woman is a very serious thing. Transgender women are no different.”

It is important to remember that this is still in the research stages, but Swedish surgeons have transplanted uteri from live donors and achieved five pregnancies and four live births. A fairly promising start.

This surgery doesn’t necessarily mean that cisgender men will be able to give birth using this method. There are quite a few necessary procedures to go through to make this work, which many transgender women would have already completed or be going through.

In order to have a uterus transplant, you will need:

– Hormone therapy to shut off testosterone and introduce progesterone and estrogen to prepare the uterus for pregnancy

– A vagina, preferably, to support the uterus

There is, of course, the concern of the cost. For example, a corneal transplant for heart can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $1.3 million, so this uterus surgery could be just as expensive or even more so. Also, there will most likely be long term health concerns for the patients and any children they may have.

So, while we still have a ways to go before this is widely available, this is still a beacon of hope for transgender women who wish to have children of their own.

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New Surgery Could Let Trans Women Give Birth Within 5 Years
Article Name
New Surgery Could Let Trans Women Give Birth Within 5 Years
A new surgery could mean transgender women can have children within five years.