News Story of The Day | Nepal Pride Pushes For Same-Sex Marriage

Nepal Pride, which takes place in the capital of Kathmandu, took place once again this year and it saw 500 LGBTQ+ people and their allies gather in support of the event.

As well as the usual colourful, vibrant display from the attendees, they used this event to bring attention to how same-sex marriage, alongside the right to adoption, joint property, joint bank accounts and inheritance needs to be added to the constitution.

Although homosexuality was decriminised in Nepal back in 2007, certain rights for LGBTQ+ people are not guaranteed.

A member of the Blue Diamond Society, which is a gay rights group, had this to say: “Our main demand is that the rights of the sexual minorities should be guaranteed in the new constitution.”

You may remember that Nepal began issuing passports with an “other” gender for those who do not identify as male or female, but it has also been reported that many LGBTQ+ people are finding obtaining these difficult.

Here’s hoping that the show of support at Nepal Pride sees some changes being made, as the constitution draft is still being finalised.