Nick Jonas: “I’m really proud to play gay characters”

Nick Jonas’ LGBT following is continuing to grow, and he doesn’t mind fanning the flames. He has recently played two gay characters (in Scream Queens and Kingdom) and has been seen hanging out at gay clubs, which sent gossip mongers into overdrive.

Although he supports gay rights, he does not believe he alone should be seen as a gay icon, though. He thinks it should really be part of the norm. “It’s an honor, but I don’t think of myself as an icon. There should be a lot more straight artists who don’t have a problem with having gay fans.”

He believes that being comfortable playing gay characters is a sign of maturing as an actor. He is inspired by fellow actors, such as Kevin Spacey, Daniel Craig, and Daniel Day Lewis. “I’m really proud to play gay characters and I’ll continue to do so.”

He recently was asked if he had gay encounters in real life, since he plays a gay man in Kingdom. He responded with: “I can’t say if I have or haven’t, but if you watch the show you’ll see more of that.”

Was he just being coy? Either way, it’s great to see a man so confident in himself and proud of being connected to the LGBT community.

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Article Name
Nick Jonas: “I’m really proud to play gay characters”
Nick Jonas talk about being proud to play gay characters and that he shouldn’t be seen as a gay icon.