Nike’s Newest BeTrue Pride Line Available for Pride Month

Nike’s newest BeTrue pride line gets a historically symbolic revamped LGBTQ theme. On Thursday, the company announced its newest design will include, “colors and symbols that have been reclaimed and historically repurposed by the LGBTQ community.” The three characteristic themes for the new line include: the pink triangle, the color lavender, and Gilbert Bakers rainbow flag. The pink triangle was used for many years, prior to the rainbow flag, as a symbol during WWII to identify gay men in concentration camps to the Nazis, and then continued as a symbol for the LGBTQ community. Additionally“Lavender, a dynamic blending of gender-linked light blue and light pink, is one of the oldest symbolic references in LGBTQ culture,” the company states. “The shade appears in the four colorways of this year’s shoe cohort, the cornerstone products of the collection: the Nike Vapormax Plus, the Nike Air Max 270, the Nike Zoom Fly and the Nike Epic React Flyknit.” A portion of the proceeds for the BeTrue line will be donated back to the LGBTQ community. Shoes and apparel in the BeTrue line will be available at select stores on June 6 to celebrate Pride Month.