North Carolina “Bullied” By State Over HB2, Says McCrory

Recently, the US Justice Department said that North Carolina’s HB2 law was illegal and had until today, May 9, to revoke it.

Yesterday, North Carolina governor appeared on Fox News Sunday and swiftly complained about how he wasn’t given enough time by the Justice Department to respond to the federal arguments. He also said that they were trying to define “gender identity” and create law.

“It’s the federal government being a – a bully. It’s making law. This order, this letter by the Justice Department, is saying that every company in the United States of America that has over 15 employees are going to have to abide by the federal government’s regulation on bathrooms.”

“So now the federal government is going to tell almost every private sector company in the United States who can and who cannot come into their bathrooms, their restrooms, their shower facilities for their employees, and they’re also telling every university in the United States of America.”

He then took aim at PayPal, who are one of the many large companies who have boycotted the state of North Carolina. He said that PayPal were guilty of “kind of selective hypocrisy and selective outrage”, referencing how PayPal does business in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, countries which are horrible for LGBT rights.

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North Carolina "Bullied" By State Over HB2, Says McCrory
Article Name
North Carolina "Bullied" By State Over HB2, Says McCrory
North Carolina governor Pat McCrory is saying the state is being "bullied" over HB2.