North Carolina Could Lose Biggest College Football Game Over HB2

Much has been written and discussed about the controversial anti-transgender HB2 in North Carolina, and the state has felt the burn in it’s wallet as several high profile concerts and conventions have been moved elsewhere over the transphobia on display.

It seems that the damage isn’t finished, either, as the state could lose the right to host the biggest college football game over the bathroom bill.

Commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) John Swofford said to the Tampa Bay Times: “But our presidents made what they believe is a principled decision in that regard as to where our championships should be held and shouldn’t.”

“I don’t see that principle changing, but I know there have been and continue to be discussions going on in North Carolina that could alter the current bill, and there are court cases that could alter it.”

Of course there have been attempts to repeal the controversial law, but they were narrowly defeated at the end of last year. However the fight for transgender rights isn’t over in North Carolina.

Governor Roy Cooper has stressed that he has not given up on getting the law repealed: “This law is isolated and hurt a lot of people. When a law attempts to make any North Carolinian less in the eyes of their fellow citizens, I will fight it.”

“I will stand up for you if the legislature cannot or will not. HB2 is exactly the type of social issue we don’t need on our books. [This law] has damaged our reputation and cost our economy hundreds of millions of dollars that could’ve paid our teachers, our firefighters or built new highways.”

Back in November, the total bill for North Carolina’s anti-trans HB2 was over $600 million according to estimates by Forbes. We have singers cancel tour dates, the NBA move it’s All Star game as well as other college sports.


Credit to Forbes

Businesses like PayPal and Deutsche Bank suspended plans for expansion into the state, not only costing revenue but also causing several hundred jobs to disappear.

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North Carolina Could Lose Biggest College Football Game Over HB2
Article Name
North Carolina Could Lose Biggest College Football Game Over HB2
North Carolina could lose yet more over their anti-trans HB2 as they could lose the biggest football college game.