North Carolina Law Won’t Be Enforced

Although North Carolina’s discriminatory law has yet to be overturned and is still the law of the land (at least in the state of NC, that is), the local police have publicly stated that they have no plans to arrest anyone related to the anti-LGBT law.

A spokesman for the local police department in Raleigh, NC recently explained that the “bill doesn’t speak to enforcement nor penalty.”  Therefore, after attorneys reviewed the language of the new state law, the police department determined that it was not sure if it could enforce it.  The police official explained that they will respond to a complaint regarding someone being in a public restroom if this person is not supposed to be in it according to the NC law; however, the police will not actually arrest this person.

Further, a representative of one local police department in NC explained that there is no practical way to enforce the state law as it would drain the departments’ resources: “(The state law) would take them off the streets, off patrol and having to put them at bathrooms.”  Another local official said that enforcing the law would require police officers to literally guard all the public restrooms and confirm one’s gender by reviewing their birth certificate.  Doing this would obviously not be practical.

Interestingly enough, several police departments in NC all confirmed that there have not been any complaints about restrooms usage in any of the major cities in the state.  One officer explained: “We have so many great things that are going on and a real positive energy that’s going through the city, but this is the issue that’s really getting the attention of the world right now… And that’s unfortunate.”

What’s unfortunate, North Carolina, is that your Governor and several of your elected officials continue to discriminate against LGBT.

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Article Name
North Carolina Law Won’t Be Enforced
North Carolina local police have publicly stated that they have no plans to arrest anyone related to the anti-LGBT law.