North Carolina Loses Another $1.5 Million Over HB2

The bill for North Carolina is continuing to climb, as yet another company have changed their plans, resulting in another $1.5 million loss for the state.

This huge loss is from W.K Kellogg, the eventh-largest philanthropic foundation in the US, who have cancelled plans to hold a $1.5 million conference in North Carolina.

Before the state passed the anti-LGBT HB2, W.K Kellogg had plans to hold the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation enterprise forum at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.

The foundation released a statement, saying: “We are cancelling this four-day conference which would have brought over 500 people to North Carolina and generated millions of dollars in economic activity for the state’s local economy.”

Naturally, Omni Grove Park are disappointed with the Kellogg foundation’s decision, and also issued a statement.

Director of Public Relations & Community Outreach Tracey Johnston-Crum spoke to WOLS News, saying: “It is unfortunate that the Kellogg Foundation has decided not to have their event at our resort. That is their business decision and we respect, as we would with any client, their choice of location for their meetings.”

You can certainly see the logic behind W.K Kellogg’s move, as the conference was to be an opportunity for US leaders to discuss how to deal with race, ethnicity and issues of discrimination in relation to healthcare, housing, education, criminal justice and employment.

Now, the event will take place in December at a new location.

Kellogg further stated: “Policies that deny any member of a community equal rights under the law do not reflect the values of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. These actions are counter to our belief that all children deserve to live in families where they and their parents have equal rights and opportunities to thrive.”