Olympic medallist Colin Jackson comes out as gay


World champion hurdler, and now BBC commentator, Colin Jackson has come out as gay.

The Welsh silver medallist said in Swedish documentary Rainbow Heroes that he thought it was time to declare his sexuality publicly and that he had not done so before for fear of it becoming “sensationalised”.

He also revealed that he came out to his parents, after a former partner sold a “kiss and tell” story to the British tabloid press.

“I was waiting for them in the kitchen,” he told presenter Anna Blomqvist. “They walked in and they sat down. My mother could see my face and I was quite distraught. It didn’t faze them at all.”

“My mum went: ‘First of all, is the story true?’

“And I said it’s true, so it’s not like I can deny it. And then she went: ‘Well, why are people so disgraceful?’

“I just realised, I’ve got the best parents.”