Orange is the New Black – Kimiko Glenn On Season Four Finale & More

The final two episodes of Orange is the New Black season four are absolutely hearbreaking and gutwrenching, and OITNB actress Kimiko Glenn has spoken on how she feels about it.

Kimiko, who plays the bubbly and niave Brooke Soso, had this to say: “Just reading it, I was weeping. [pause] You’re putting a spoiler alert in this article, right?”

Yes, consider this a spoiler warning for the finale of OITNB season four. 

“Any time I thought about it I just burst into tears. I’ve never felt so emotional from just reading something.”

And as I discussed in the article above, it truly was an emotional set of episode. The loss of Poussey was a pointless and horrible loss, further exemplified by the screams of Taystee as she realises that Poussey is dead. It was especially tragic as not only did the final episode feature a large flashback to Poussey’s life before the prison, the whole season we had really seen both Poussey and Soso come into their own.

Soso had always been an outsider before this season, but with her relationship with Poussey, you really see her finally find a home within the prison and show a bit more depth to her character. Due to this, we see horrid loss not only through the eyes of Taystee and the other ladies of Lichfield, but the now crushed Soso as well.

This makes it seem like a cruel twist of fate, that the woman who had brought her to life, so to speak, is now dead because of something so pointless.

“It’s sad that it was just a look, you know? But now I always think about that. Like, if my boyfriend goes out to get some ice cream or something, like I need to say ‘I love you’ before he leaves. It’s a little crazy and irrational. But who knows what could happen?”

When touching on how the death of Poussey will effect Soso, Kimiko said: “She finally found someone she could confide in. Now that’s been torn from her in such a horrific manner. And she’s still trapped. It’s not like something like this happened and you have the world and places to go and people you can reach out to. She’s still confined. That just magnifies the emotion and the impact of what happens to you.”

She also went on to touch on Orange is the New Black’s casting, which not only has excellent actors for all the right parts, but has a very progressive cast as well.

“If I only see myself as secondary in the roles I’m being cast, I will view myself as secondary in life.That’s why I think it’s so important to cast people of color, and people with disabilities, and people of all different shapes and sizes because they want to see themselves reflected up there. So you know you can be CEO. So you know you can be Superman. You don’t have to be a beautiful white man to be Superman.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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Orange is the New Black - Kimiko Glenn On Season Four Finale & More
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Orange is the New Black - Kimiko Glenn On Season Four Finale & More
Kimiko Glenn, aka Brooke Soso, talks on the finale of Orange is the New Black seaon four.