Orange is the New Black Star Says “Big Changes” Coming to the Show

Orange is the new Black does not need any introduction to most people, as it was huge and instant success as soon as it hit Netflix. Those who weren’t exposed to it immediately (such as myself) were soon sucked in after in the trail of the hype train.

Now one of the key stars of the show Yael Stone, who plays the role of Lorna Morello, has spoken out on a few different aspects of the show. One thing that Yael touches on particular, is how she had only come all the way from Australia to New York shortly before the audition.

“I kind of packed up everything [in Sydney] and moved over there without much of a plan really, and I did some waitressing in some Australian themed cafes. Dan and I decided to get married and the day after we got married I auditioned for Orange Is The New Black.”

“I didn’t have much in the way of make-up at that time and I had one lipstick, which was this bright red lipstick that I wanted to have for when we got married, and so I was like, great, I’ve got this lipstick, I’ll wear it to the audition, fantastic. And that turned out to be Lorna’s lipstick, and it was quite fortuitous.”

Then, she moved on to the topic of Morello’s signature accent, which definitely stands out as unique.

“It is its own unique brand of sound, it’s actually kind of a soup of different sounds coming together. There’s some Boston vowels and some strong Brooklyn, New York vowels and they come together in their own special law.”

“I have very definite rules, so I mark out my script each time I get it and I have rules about which vowels go where and which consonants change to what, but it is very specific to Lorna and the sense was that she was kind of this east coast cocktail.”

As fans of the show will know, one of the elements that makes the show and has also given it quite the reputation, is it’s colourful mix of characters and the amount of diversity on display.

“What [OITNB] does is pretty revolutionary. We have so many women visible in the show and not one type of woman but a lot of different types of women. And in terms of visibility, being part of a show that celebrates all different ages, all different sizes, all different sexual orientations. I like to think that with Laverne Cox we have one of the first really visible trans actors, and then from that we’ve then seen shows like Transparent and visibility for that population has increased so much in what, the last four years, which is just incredible and to see that watershed moment, to see that change, it’s truly wonderful and to be a witness to it, is incredible, to sort of know those people and be proud to say that they’re my friends, that Laverne has stood up and spoken so beautifully for her community, it’s a wonderful thing.”

“Not only that, to have, like, not one queer character, not one black character, not one Latina character, but just be, like, you know what, there’s this whole range of people we’ve actually been not focused on, not acknowledging, not telling the stories of, and maybe those stories are a little more interesting than the ones we’ve been telling.”

And finally, she talked about what all fans of the hit Netflix show want to know about: the changes coming to season four.

“When a series exists and people fall in love with it and then they do a second season and a third season and now we’re about to release our fourth season … it’s kind of like family now and certainly for me in my life, those women and there are a few guys in it as well, are like family.”

“So when I think of the show and I think of some of the story lines that are coming up, I think people are going to feel like there’s some big changes for the family. There’s some big beautiful storylines and Jenji [Kohan, the show’s creator] is not afraid to write funny or write from the heart and she’s certainly done that for this season, it think it’ll be very powerful for people.”

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Orange is the New Black Star Says
Article Name
Orange is the New Black Star Says
Yael Stone, who plays Lorna Morello in Orange is the New Black, has said in an interview that "big changes" are coming to the show.