Orange is the New Black Star Sees Assault Charges Dropped

Remember the assault charges against Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco?

Thankfully, those charges against her have now been dropped after she was accussed of punching a teenage girl in the head.

These allegations came from one¬†Michelle Cardona, 18, who alleged that Dascha punched her in the “face and head with a closed fist at least three times”.

The decision to drop the charges against Dascha was the result of a “thorough investigation” by the DAs office, and thanks to evidence provided by Dascha’s lawyers that the charges were false.

There was also an interview conducted with the alleged victim, who “suffered only superficial abrasions and bruising,” according to Assistant District Attorney Christopher Dey.

Dasha did sign an order of protection, which essentially means she must steer clear of Miss Cardona. Dasha’s lawyer, Gerald B. Lefcourt, said that the accusations were “motivated by the prospects of a payday.”

He continued: “[Miss Cardona]¬†devised a plan to have Ms. Polanco pay her to withdraw the charges, which was furthered by a campaign of harassment directed at Ms. Polanco and her family and jeopardized their safety.¬†Fortunately, we have irrefutable evidence of the complainant’s misdeeds on tape, including her extortion attempts, which was provided to the District Attorney’s Office. Ms. Polanco is delighted to be able to finally put this matter behind her and refocus her energies on her family, and her career.”

In a statement to People, he said: “From the start, Ms. Polanco has denied the allegations and we have said that the charges should be dismissed.We are pleased that after a thorough investigation and review of the actual evidence, the District Attorney’s Office has done the right thing and agreed to dismiss the case against Ms. Polanco.”

This is excellent news, not only for Dascha and her family, but also for fans of the show. Orange is the New Black is set to air in June, and while any implications of the charges wouldn’t effect that season (most likely) it would definitely have an impact on any seasons in the future.

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Orange is the New Black Star Sees Assault Charges Dropped
Article Name
Orange is the New Black Star Sees Assault Charges Dropped
Dascha Polanco, one of the stars of Orange is the New Black, has seen assault charges dropped.