Orange is The New Black – What We Know About Lichfield’s New Inmate

When we last left our favourite convicts at the end of Orange is the New Black last season, it was looking pretty empty as the girls had all run through a gap in the fence for a very illegal swim.

However, we did also get a glimpse of some of the new faces that will be coming to Lichfield in season four, one of which is celebrity chef Judy King. Given that everyone is looking forward to the June 12 release of the fourth season, many have been hankering for some details on her.

Actress Blair Brown decided to tease us with a little bit of info on Judy: “I think a lot of people think, ‘Oh, she cooks, so she’s like Martha Stewart.’ ‘Oh, she’s Southern. She’s like Paula Deen.’ She’s actually Judy King, a creation of Jenji [Kohan] and the writers.”

“She’s slightly appalling and very good and very cheerful and probably fairly amoral. And it’s interesting to watch because she’s so other than anybody else in prison. And of course, Judy’s greatest ally when she comes in is Poussey Washington.”

This character is pretty obviously based on Martha Stewart, at least to some degree. I think, though, it will be more of a plotline of “entitled celebrity gets unexpected conviction”, rather than a direct copy of what happened to Stewart.

But, no matter the basis for her character, Judy King will undoubtedly shake things up at Lichfield. I don’t see her taking on a V-like role exactly, but her celebrity status will most likely put her in a good position… eventually. I personally forsee at least an episode or two about her dealing with the culture shock of suddenly being thrown from her comfortable life and into prison.

That is all speculation, of course, but that seems in line with what OITNB have done in the past. What are your predictions for season four? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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Orange is The New Black - What We Know About Lichfield's New Inmate
Here's what we know about Lichfield's new inmate in Orange is the New Black season four.