Orlando Bloom Confirmed For Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

It’s hardly surprising that we will be seeing another entry into the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, as it has brought in over $1.5 billion for Disney.

What we weren’t sure of, though, is whether not Orlando Bloom would be making a return to the franchise as Will Turner. Now, after a while of rumors floating around the internet, Disney confirmed his return at D23 Expo.

We don’t really know what role his character will play, given that he is now at the helm of the Flying Dutchman, but it definitely points to Disney wanting to stoke the flames of  nostalgia for the next Pirates outing. Hopefully, it can be a bit of a return to form. I loved the first Pirates film, and while two and three weren’t as good, they were still up to a good standard. The later ones, not so much – so let’s see if they can bring it back.


Filming, which was taking place in Australia, has recently wrapped up. Naturally Johnny Depp returned as Jack Sparrow (not that that really needs saying), but we do have a few new faces – Javier Bardem  Captain Salazar, Brenton Thwaites Henry, and Kaya Scodelario as Carina Smith.

For those of you who are unaware, the plot of Pirates 5 will follow Captain Jack Sparrow as he quests for the Trident of Poseidon, which grants the wielder mastery over the seas.

Johnny Depp also made a surprise appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow at the D23 expo, much to the adulation of fans. You can watch the presentation below, as well as a separate video of Johnny ‘s acceptance of the Disney Legend Award.