Orlando Mass Shooting Update: Wednesday, June 15th

  • It is being reported that Noor Salman, the wife of the Orlando shooter, will be charged with helping her husband carry out the deadly attacks. Salman could face charges such as lying to federal agents and failing to notify law enforcement, as well as being an accomplice to a myriad of murder and attempted murder charges.  Federal officials reportedly interviewed Salmon and learned that she drove Mateen to the Orlando nightclub approximately a week before the shooting.  Salmon supposedly tried to dissuade her husband from carrying out the attack, but she obviously was unsuccessful.
  • Barbara Poma, the founder and owner of Pulse, joined her employees in vowing to rebuild Pulse and reopen the nightclub. During an interview, Poma said: “We just have to move forward and find a way to keep their hearts beating and keep our spirits alive… We’re not going to let someone take this away from us.”
  • Questions continue as to the shooter’s true motives and whether perhaps he was, in fact, gay himself. To be clear, this has not been verified, but one patron of the nightclub was quoted as saying: “On the weekends sometimes (Mateen) would be there, sometimes he would miss a couple of weeks and then be in again… He was a regular – we considered that regular, because some of us go to a different bar on a different weekend…. (Mateen) was trying to pick up people, men.  He was a homosexual and he was trying to pick up men… That’s what people do at gay bars.  That’s what we do.”
Orlando Mass Shooting Update: Wednesday, June 15th
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Orlando Mass Shooting Update: Wednesday, June 15th
Find out the latest updates regarding the Orlando mass shooting.