Oscars Push for More Gender & Ethnical Diversity

The diversity (or lack of) in the Oscars was a big talking point for people, with the prevelance of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. It seems that the organisers of the Oscars have listened to the criticisms, as they have invited a record number of new members to vote in next year’s Academy Awards.

They have invited over 700 people to vote, with a focus on female and ethnic minority voters. Of course, the invited members have to agree to join, but if they do the demographic would only slightly change from being mostly white, older males.

As mentioned, the change would be minimal, with male membership slipping from 75% to 73%, with white membership going from 92% to 89%.

However, half the people invited to join are women, and almost as many are people of colour, the small change in percentage is due to the huge number of members.

The list of invitees is huge, but includes people such as John Boyega, Alicia Vikander and  Mary J Blige. You can read the full statement from the Academy Awards here.

While the shift in demographic is small, it is still a step towards better diversity within the Academy Awards, and here’s hoping they continue this practice to further even out the odds over the next few years.

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Oscars Push for More Gender & Ethnical Diversity
Article Name
Oscars Push for More Gender & Ethnical Diversity
The Oscars are pushing for more gender and ethnical diversity following the criticisms of last year's Academy Awards.