Out Representative Sean Patrick Maloney running for New York Attorney General

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney is seeking the New York attorney general’s office. He’s the first openly gay member of Congress, and he has been fighting the Trump administration’s anti-LGBT platform but would like a better position to do this from, something that becoming New York attorney general would give him. He would like to take the offensive and begin investigations into the Trump administration’s various anti-LGBT policies. Some of these policies include efforts to ban transgender people from serving in the armed forces, enabling federal contractors to use religious-based objections to circumvent nondiscrimination laws more broadly, and rolling back many LGBT-friendly policies like the nondiscrimination provision in the Affordable Car Act to protect transgender people.

He is also running for re-election at his current position of Representative, something that has brought up legal arguments from the GOP’s Congressional Campaign Committee. GOP lawyer John Ciampoli argues that according to New York State Election Law, you cannot run for both Congress and attorney general, and states that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney should be disqualified or invalidated from both ballots.

If Rep. Maloney were to win the nomination for attorney general, he would have to drop his bid for re-election to Congress. An individual cannot appear twice on a ballot, but it does not state that they can’t run in two primaries to get one nomination or the other. The state Board of Elections officially invalidated one of the objections due to a clerical error, but there are still five other challenges questioning the legality of Maloney’s bid for nominations to both Representative and attorney general.