Over 60 Same-Sex Couples Participate In Mass Wedding In Puerto Rico

In a rather unique ceremony, over 60 same-sex couples gathered in San Juan, Puerto Rico to exchange vows in front of a crowd of supporters.

The ceremony, which is pretty much a direct result of the recent US Supreme Court ruling, took the couples through the traditional vows and exchange of rings. I’m sure some of you are wondering, just how is this a result of the SCOTUS ruling?

Well, shortly after marriage equality was granted in the US, the governer signed an executive order to comply with the ruling. So this wonderful ceremony simply would not have taken place otherwise.

The ceremony gained support from a variety of people, including Puerto Rican gay rights activist  Pedro Julio Serrano, who said that the ceremony was “a historic moment for our community. After so many years, we are finally able to marry here in Puerto Rico.”

Despite the show of support from the crowd who attended the event, and people elsewhere, the ceremony has drawn criticism. Namely from Roman Catholic bishop of Arecibo, Monsignor Daniel Fernandez Torres, who said that same-sex marriages are “contrary to natural law.”


He further went on to say that: “Today is a sad day for Puerto Rican society.”

Despite comments from people such as him, you can now marry and adopt children as a LGBTQ+ person, as well as rights for transgender and transsexual people to change their gender on their driver’s license, and protect their rights while seeking medical care.

You can view some beautiful pictures here.


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