Overwatch to Get More LGBT Characters

For anyone involved in the gaming community, the name Overwatch is basically household. The colourful Blizzard first person shooter has been a huge success, not only for it’s enjoyable gameplay but for it’s wonderful characters as well.

Overwatch features a roster of 23 diverse heroes, each with their own unique look, set of skills and role within any given match. It is these characters that give Overwatch it’s charm for many.

And now, lead writer for the game Michael Chu has confirmed that established characters will be “coming out” in a future update. He said to fans during a Q&A: “It’s very important for us to have diversity and inclusiveness of all types, and that includes LGBT characters. There are definitely LGBT heroes in Overwatch. That’s multiple heroes.”

“We want the stories about characters relationships – not just romantic, but familial relationships and stuff like that — to come out in the course of stories that we feel really do them justice. It’s something that absolutely is important to us.”

The game has been out since May this year, but Blizzard held off on revealing which characters are LGBT so that the fanbase can get to know each of the characters without bias.

This announcement from Blizzard has naturally caused a lot of excitement and speculation within the community, as everyone tries to guess which of their favourite heroes will be “coming out”.

Curtis Free, from London Gaymers, spoke to Gay Star News: “By having a visible LGBTI character in such a popular title, Blizzard is sending the gaming community a message that its games are for everyone.”

“There are a growing number of games that feature LGBTI characters as part of their storytelling, and plenty of role playing games now enable you to choose the partners you wish to romance. The very important distinction with Overwatch is that a main, playable character is being defined as LGBTI… and it really highlights the commitment Blizzard have to opening minds and normalising LGBTI characters and heroes.”

Many fans are hoping that the tank class character Zarya will be among those coming out. Personally, I hope that she isn’t one of the LGBT heroes, because it would be a bit too obvious and also a touch stereotypical.


For you Overwatch fans out there, who are you betting on? I’m actually hoping Mercy is one of them. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.