Parents Throw Their Daughter A Coming Out Party!

Have you ever look at your friends’ parents and wished your parents were like them?  Perhaps a little cooler, or maybe more supportive?  Well, wait ‘til you hear about these parents…

Kinsey Ratzman, a 17-year-old from New Jersey, recently came out to her parents.  She described the conversation: “My parents had asked me if I was in a relationship and when I said yes they proceeded to ask if it was with a girl… I think they had had suspicions for a while which prompted that question.”

And after Kinsey came out publicly on Instagram last week, her parents concluded that there was really only one appropriate way to react: celebrate their daughter.  So, Kinsey’s parents sent her out to run some errands and then while she was out of the house, they invited a bunch of family over for a surprise “pride celebration.”  Kinsey explained that her whole family – brother, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins – were “all involved in the planning of it. They were just happy I was happy with it… It was so sweet and I was honestly so shocked.  I never expected that reaction.”  Kinsey posted the party online and her photos received nearly 30,000 likes. All of the décor and food was Pride themed.



Let’s celebrate good parenting—huge kudos to Kinsey’s parents! What an awesome family and what an awesome idea!

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Article Name
Parents Throw Their Daughter A Coming Out Party
After Kinsey Ratzman came out publicly on Instagram last week, her parents threw her a Pride bash!