Paris Pride to be Cut Short Over Security Concerns

The security of gay Pride events, as well as gay venues, is definitely even more of a concern after the horrific tragedy at the Pulse club in Orlando. We have already seen that San Francisco Pride will have metal detectors and bag searches, and now the route for the pride march in Paris has been changed over security fears.

The annual march, Marche des fiertés, was set to take place on July 2.

However, according to the French media, authorities will now only allow it to take place along a much shorter route, in order to secure the safety of all the marchers. This means that the march will run along a mile and a half in the city centre, from the Louvre to Place de la Bastille.

This is roughly half the length of the originally planned route, which went from Montparnasse to Bastille.

The pride march in Paris has been subject to delays already, as authorities focused on the Euro 2016 tournament.

Naturally, local LGBT rights groups are disappointed with the rather large cutback.

A statement reads: “Giving in to fear, giving in the LGBT-phobes, this is just giving up on our struggles, our battles, our rights to live, and our diversity. Giving in to fear is letting terrorism win.”

However, given the recent attacks in Orlando and the tragedy which took place in France last year, you can see why the authorities are being hyper vigilant with security. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.