Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Will Lead To “Love Affairs Between Men & Animals”

You probably know who Pat Robertson is, he’s a televangelist who has said many, shall we say, questionable things over the years. This time, he has said that same-sex marriage will “absolutely” lead to love affairs between men and animals.

A viewer asked him a question regarding abortion on his talk show, The 700 Club, and Robertson took the chance to go off on a rant regarding the recent SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality: “They’ve said abortion is a constitutional right. Homosexuality is a constitutional right. They’ve now said that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right. Watch what happens, love affairs between men and animals are going to be absolutely permitted. Polygamy, without question, is going to be permitted. And it will be called a right.”

Co host Terry Meeuwsen then chimed in, saying: “Relationships with children. There have been groups that have been trying to push that for a long time.”


Robertsen responded, saying: “Well, they’re going to succeed now. The problem is, the people can’t move any longer. Their elected officials can’t make any decisions and consequently we are stuck with a fixed doctrine of five old men with black robes on the Supreme Court.”

Nevermind that there are actually nine Supreme Court justices, three of them being female. That’s also missing the vital topic of consent, which is something that neither children or animals can give. Also, numerous countries have had marriage equality for quite some time (including the UK) and well, I have yet to see this outbreak of paedophilia and bestiality.

You can watch the full rant below.