Paul McCartney Says He Was “Depressed” After Beatles Break Up

When The Beatles broke up, there were undoubtedly a lot of fans with broken hearts. But now Sir Paul McCartney has spoken openly about he suffered from depression after the break up, and even considered giving up music forever.

He spoke about this was BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes, saying: “It was difficult to know what to do after The Beatles. How do you follow that? I was depressed. You would be. You were breaking from your lifelong friends. So I took to the bevvies.”

The Beatles officially split back in 1970 with the release of Let It Be, but that had been trouble brewing for some time before that. The trouble began when Allen Klein was appointed manager by the band, against Paul’s wishes.

While Allen did help them by restructuring their loss-making company Apple Corps, but he also took a hefty chunk of profits for himself as well as granting his own company the rights to press Beatles records in the States.

He also attempted to get EMI to delay the release of Let It Be, as well as hiring Phil Spector to overdub a choir, orchestra and additional drums for the track.

“The business thing split us apart,” Paul said, saying that the “heavy meetings” were “doing my head in”.

Apparently, for a while he was so depressed that he didn’t know “whether I was still going to continue in music. I was far gone. It was Linda who said, ‘you’ve got to get it together…’ and that led to Wings.”

“I liked the idea of a band. I wanted to go back to square one. We were terrible. We weren’t a good group. People said, ‘Linda can’t play keyboards,’ and it was true. But John couldn’t play guitar when we started [The Beatles].”

He also touched on his recent collaboration with the very divisive Kanye West: “We never appeared to write a song. A lot of what we did was just telling each other stories. People says he’s eccentric… which you’d have to agree with. He’s a monster. He’s a crazy guy that comes up with great stuff.”

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Paul McCartney Says He Was "Depressed" After Beatles Break Up
Article Name
Paul McCartney Says He Was "Depressed" After Beatles Break Up
Sir Paul McCartney says he was "depressed" after The Beatles broke up.