Perfect Skin

Perfect skin

When Dr Stefanie Williams arrived in the UK ten years ago, she was amazed at how achieving high quality, beautiful skin was not seen as a high priority by the majority of the most highly qualified skin care professionals.

“The one thing that struck me when I first arrived from Germany was how Dermatologists in the UK tend to see their role as managing skin disease, but nothing further. If you are interested in achieving the very best skin quality possible, then you generally need to turn to less qualified, professionals. It takes over 10 years rigorous medical training to qualify first as a Doctor and then specialise in the study of the skin as a Dermatologist, and I strongly believe there is an opportunity for using this in-depth knowledge to promote beautiful skin.“

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This led Dr Stefanie to take matters into her own hands, founding her own skin clinic in 2007.

“I founded European Dermatology London (or ‘Eudelo’ as insiders affectionately call it) to provide a better alternative to the status quo – breaking with convention and creating something new and exciting.” With it she has designed a unique blend of German “engineered” quality with a European flair, the clinic’s practitioners being recruited from all over Europe and the UK.

One of the questions Dr Stefanie is most often asked is what is the best way to achieve amazing skin. Her answer: persistent effort.

“Though they might try and convince you otherwise, it’s by no miracle that your favorite celebrities appear to have young looking, nearly flawless skin. Taking care of your skin requires continuous work. You wouldn’t go to the gym just once and expect to get fit. Similarly, great skin requires an ongoing effort, which is much less exhausting than the gym, but does require commitment. Like Beverly Hills dermatologist to the stars, Harold Lancer, puts it, “You can’t plant a garden and expect not to have to weed it regularly.”

At Eudelo, we see the right way of looking after your skin as a ladder-like approach. The first rung of the ladder is a skin-healthy lifestyle — you can’t have great skin if, for example, you smoke like a chimney or have a bad diet. The right skincare routine is then the next rung of the ladder, followed by medical grade facials and regenerative procedures, followed by corrective procedures such as fillers and “botox”. But whenever moving up the ladder, you must maintain the steps already taken otherwise the ladder collapses. Doing otherwise just won’t get optimal results.”

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But it’s not easy. As Dr Stefanie says: “I noticed that people normally start off with good intentions, but get distracted and lose their way very quickly. The level of marketing in the skincare arena is just huge, so it’s easy to understand. This is why we decided to pioneer a fitness club-like structure. When you want your body in top shape, you spend hours building up your muscles and maintaining a healthy diet. The path to good skin is just the same. However, you only have to come to clinic once per month as opposed to the gym three times per week.

In our, Skin Care Elite club we act like personal trainers for your skin. We monitor it on a month-by-month basis, and provide you with the most appropriate treatments and skincare regime at any given time. We find that this level of continuous care is by far the best way to achieve great results.

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