Peter Jackson Teases Us With Hint On Directing Doctor Who Episode

There has been a mixture of fervent speculation and hopeful posts over the years about whether or not self-confessed Doctor Who fan Peter Jackson would ever sit down to direct an episode of the series.

Naturally, Peter has had his hands full the last few years with The Hobbit trilogy, but now that it’s finally done and dusted he has dropped a hint that the might take a seat in the director’s chair after all.

Now, this is definitely not a definite confirmation. If you watch the video you’ll notice that Peter is the ultimate tease in the video, as he doesn’t sign the contract the Doctor gives him. There also has yet to be an official announcement from either the BBC, Stephen Moffat or Peter Jackson himself.

There is a chance, of course, that this is all just an elaborate troll. But surely this is a bit far to go just for that? Especially when they got the undoubtedly busy Peter Capaldi along in the video (not the mention the Dalek).

Here’s hoping official confirmation is on it’s way, I think this would be a dream come true for many Doctor Who fans.

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Article Name
Peter Jackson Teases Us With Hint On Directing Doctor Who Episode
Peter Jackson is the world's biggest tease as he hints that he might direct a Doctor Who episode.