Piers Morgan blasts “gay conversion” doctor


Piers Morgan, the Daily Mail columnist, has lashed out on ITV’s Good Morning Britain at a “formerly gay” doctor who claims that gay people can be “converted” to heterosexuality.

Doctor Mike Davidson claims that he was “cured” of his homosexuality by prayer and psychotherapy, and that gay conversion therapy works on gay people who want to be straight.

He told Morgan and his co-host Susanne Reid: “I believe that people are not born gay, that they come into homosexual feelings, and that it is something that in some cases is reversible for people who want to make that the trajectory of their lives.”

However, Morgan accused Davidson of speaking “complete claptrap” and called him a “malevolent and dangerous part of our society.”

He continued: “‘Do you know what we call these people? We call them horrible little bigots in the modern world.

“Just bigoted people who actually talk complete claptrap and are in my view a malevolent and dangerous part of our society.”

The heated exchange followed revelations that a church in Liverpool was offering conversion therapy.

While Morgan’s attack earned praise on social media, others criticised Good Morning Britain for offering Davidson a platform to air his views.