Posthumous pardons issued for criminalised gay men

Thousands of men who were criminalised at a time when homosexuality was illegal in the UK have been granted posthumous pardons.

The pardons follow the royal pardon granted in 2013 to mathematician and decrypter of the Enigma codes Alan Turing who killed himself in 1945 after being convicted of gross indecency.

In a statement justice minister Sam Gyimah said: “This is a truly momentous day. We can never undo the hurt caused, but we have apologised and taken action to right these wrongs. I am immensely proud that ‘Turing’s law’ has become a reality under this government.”

A spokesperson for LGBT rights chair Stonewall said: “This is significant. And it’s as important to the whole lesbian, gay, bi and trans community, as it is for the gay and bi men affected.

“The more equality is enshrined into our law books, the stronger our equality becomes, and the stronger we as a community become.”