Premier League Backs Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces

There has been a lot of talk around homophobia in sport recently, so it’s with excellent timing that the Premier League has announced that they will be supporting Stonewall’s rainbow laces campaign in an effort to push diversity and equality.

Executive chairman of the Premier League Richard Scudamore wrote to various LGBT support groups that are affiliated with various clubs, thanking them for their contributions before the Rainbow Laces campaign this weekend.

He said: ““We know there is more that we can do to use the spirit and energy of the football on the pitch as a force for good off it, and that is why the Premier League has decided to support Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign.”

“This coming weekend will include a host of Rainbow Laces activities across all matches in our competition, and on our digital and social media channels. Individuals clubs will take that further with their own activity during matches.”

The Premier League are also going to be pushing the Kick It Out app and other reporting tools to help with the reporting of homophobic abuse and are also keen to make it clear that homophobia should be treated the same as racist chanting or abuse.

As part of this weekend’s Rainbow Laces campaign from Stonewall, the Premier League branding will also feature a rainbow motif which will be used on perimeter hoardings and on social media.

Scudamore also said that the Premier League would also join Stonewall’s Team Pride initiative, for businesses that show support for the LGBT community.

Scudamore said: “Our support for the campaign, and the decision to become members of TeamPride, is further recognition that the LGBT community is a vital and integral part of our community.”

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Premier League Backs Stonewall's Rainbow Laces
Article Name
Premier League Backs Stonewall's Rainbow Laces
Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign now has the support of the Premier League.