Pride In London 2015 Was Most Successful Yet, Say Organisers

According to the organisers, Pride In London 2015 was the most successful yet.

This information comes from a survey done of 1,600 people, which found that overall satisfaction increased compared to 2014, with nearly 50% of people giving London Pride 9/10.

Happily, a majority of the respondents also found that Pride In London is representative of the community as a whole.

However, some are asking if Pride organisers did enough to reach out to marginalised groups in the LGBT community, as only 10% of respondents identified as BME and only 6% of them were trans.

When speaking to DIVA, Bisi Alimi of Rainbow Intersection had this to say: “I am happy to see that Pride In London is making a concerted effort to reach out to part of the communities it has alienated for sometime now and this is a welcome development.”

 “However, I think the desire to work with the BME and Trans community should come with the humbleness to learn, listen, take on board and also make sure that the inclusion of BME and Trans people is not just limited to Black and Trans officers. London is a beautiful multicultural city, one where we can and should be part of that beauty.”

Pride In London also held a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday to discuss this year’s event and what lessons can be learned for London Pride 2016.

Kayza Rose from BlackOutLDN said: “I’m disappointed that we weren’t invited to the open meeting and would like to know the process for collecting the data on community satisfaction. Inclusivity requires a willingness to engage and listen to BME communities and organisations. We are open to meeting with PiL if they would like to discuss moving forward with us at any point.”

There was also an announcement from Pride this week of a consultation on tougher sign up measures that will allow the Community Advisory Board greater power to reject groups who don’t meet the criteria for inclusion. To find out more, go here.

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Article Name
Pride In London 2015 Was Most Successful Yet, Say Organisers
According to the organsiers, Pride In London 2015 was the most successful yet.