Pride in London Announces This Year’s Theme

Each year, Pride in London has a different theme (or campaign) for the prestigious London Pride Parade.

They have now officially announced that this year’s theme is #nofilter.

“Our campaign this year is called #nofilter. It celebrates the spirit of Pride and asks you to do something very simple: Live your life as you. Many LGBT+ people feel in the need to filter their behaviour, to self-censor or to hide who they are. Well, not today. We’re encouraging people to live as themselves, nothing more, nothing less. So, stand proud, show us your authentic-self and celebrate authenticity. Live life with #nofilter.”

“It takes courage to be your true self especially when it defies convention. We want to inspire more people to come out as who they are, whether that be at home or in the work place. Because we believe that acceptance and diversity makes for a stronger society, united, not divided. Let’s not hide or self censor. Let’s be proud, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. Let’s live life with #nofilter.”

I think we can all agree that #nofilter is a great way to show off the spirit of Pride, which is living your life as you with no shame or “no filter”. The Pride Parades, be it in London, Brighton, or in another country, are one of the best places to let your true self fly free.

London Pride also posted a video explaining the #nofilter campaign. If you want to submit your story, go here.